Chancellor Roberts Graduated from Texas State University, San Marcos in May 2015 with a BFA with a focus in painting

Co-founder of Create Culture monthly in Austin,TX

Art Director/ Gallery Curator for Head for the Hills music and art Festival

Former creative director of Spacelab community art warehouse in San Marcos,TX

 The simple act of being is something often taken for granted, but there is magic to be found in everything and all people have an inner light waiting to be revealed. I use art to pay tribute to the powerful souls who have impacted me in my life, and portray them in their element. Sometimes the work is loose and unplanned done in a live setting of a festival or concert or often times countless hours with a small brush in the studio is required. Mixing portraiture, historical archetypes, mysticism and a dash of psychedelia and flow my artwork is how I make sense of being human. Translating reality into paint helps me not only relate to my subjects more, but it often reveals hidden intricacies of my own psyche that I would have never known prior. Life is an opportunity to create meaning, and through creating things I have found substance. I leave behind these future artifacts to pay tribute to the beautiful humans I have known and loved.