Chancellor Roberts

Austin, TX


BFA studio art with focus on painting, Completed May 2015


2018 Solar Flux Festival featured artist, Little Rock, AR

2018 Llano Earth Arts Festival featured artist, Llano,TX

2017 Art Outside Campout Art Gallery, Art Outside Campout, Apache pass, TX

2017 Sol: Purpose Art Gallery, Sonic Bloom Music Festival, Southern Peaks, CO

2017 Insight Delight Art Gallery (Gallery Curator and Art director),  The Pirate Party, Missoula, MT

2017 Martian Arts Festival, San Marcos,TX

2017 Art Outside Village Art Gallery (Curator), Euphoria music and camping festival, Austin,TX

2017 Create Culture Art Gallery (Curator), Head for the Hills music and art festival, San Marcos,TX

2017  Co:lab-Create Culture Group Exhibition (Curator),  Alternate Reality Gallery,Austin,TX 

2016 Utopia Festival, Utopia, TX

2016 Gallery of the Common Experience, "I Am Woman, hear me War!", art exhibition at TXST University, San Marcos, TX

2016 Sol:Purpose Art Gallery, Arise Music and Arts festival, Loveland, CO

2016 Stilldream Festival 16 Year Anniversary, Beldentown, CA

2016 Cascadia NW Music and Culture festival, Seattle, WA

2016 Insight Delight Art Gallery, Konnexion Festival, Boise, ID

2016 Insight Delight Art Gallery, The Pirate Party, Lolo Hotsprings, MT

2016 Create Culture Art Gallery (Curator), Co:Creation festival, Austin,TX

2016 Chilluminati Creative, Sacred Earth Open Air Gathering, St. Louis, MO

2016 Solar Flux III Art Gallery, Flux Family, Little Rock, AR

2016 Shamanic Boom Visionary art gallery, Shamanic Boom festival, Ft. Collins, CO 

2016 Euphoria Festival Art Gallery (Curator), Euphoria Music Festival, Austin,TX

2016 Create Culture Art Gallery (Curator), Head for the Hills Festival, Kerrville,TX

2016 Envision Festival Gallery, Envision Festival, Uvita, Costa Rica

2015 Via Colori International Street Art Festival, Houston,TX

2015 Art Outside Gallery, Art Outside Festival, Apache Pass,TX

2015 Innerspace Art Gallery (Curator) at New Worlds Institute Conference, Austin,TX

2015 Shamanic Boom: Visionary Art Gallery, Cheyenne, WY

2015 Arise Music Festival Art gallery,  Loveland,Co 

2015 Tantra Coffeehouse Summer Exhibition, San Marcos,TX

2015 Firefly: Emergence art gallery, Flagstaff, AZ

2015 Third Coast Visions Art Gallery (Curator), Head for the Hills festival, Kerrville,TX

2015 Tribe 13 Art Gallery, Gem and Jam Festival, Tucson, AZ

2014 Amalgamation, BFA thesis group show, Texas state university gallery, San Marcos,TX

2014 EAST- Third Coast Visions Exhibition (Curator), Austin,TX

2014 Nomads, Group show at Tantra Coffeehouse, San Marcos, TX

2014 Art Outside festival art gallery, Rockdale, TX

2012-2014 Colorado Alliance of Visionary Art gallery, Sonic Bloom festival, South Park, CO

2014 Euphoria Festival Art Gallery (Curator), Austin, TX

2014 Tribe 13 Art Gallery, Gem and Jam Festival, Tucson, AZ

2012-2014 Head for the Hills festival art gallery (Curator), Kerrville,TX

2013 Third Coast visions group show, Romani Gallery, Austin,TX

2012 Desert Rocks Festival, Tribe 13 Art Gallery, Green River, UT

2012-2013 The Manifestation Celebration, Dallas Museum of Science, Dallas,TX

2012 Summer Visionary art Exhibition, Troost ave art gallery, Kansas City, MO

2012-2013 Earth Angel art gallery, Austin,TX

2012 Mandalas, Gallery of the Common Experience, San Marcos, TX


Street Ritual featured artist, July, 2015

Album artwork for Trancontinental Trip's "Spacelab Sessions"

Album Artwork for “ReBirth” by The Nadis Warriors, 2014

featured artist on, 2013-present

Track Artwork on “Treemixes Vol.1” by Skytree music, 2013


Awesome foundation- Austin, Summer 2014


Co-Founder of Third Coast Visions art collective (2013-present)

Live performance painter since November, 2011 with over 200 performances

Co-Founder and operator of Create Culture monthly art and music event ( March 2014- present)

Art Curator and event booking/promotion at Spacelab art gallery/studio in San Marcos,TX ( 2014-2015)

Art director and gallery curator for Head for the Hills music and arts festival 2012-present

Art director and gallery curator for Euphoria music and camping festival 2014 and 2016

Gallery Curator for Innerspace Art Gallery at New Worlds Institute Conference

Art Director for Co:Creation Festival 2016- Present

Art Director for The Pirate Party 2016- 2017

Art Director for Konnexion Music Festival 2016

Live Art Liason for UtopiaFest 2016


Advanced Geodesic dome Engineering

Intermediate photoshop and computer skills

Intermediate carpentry

Basic mig welding

basic photography/ Editing